Monday, April 19, 2010

Update on the Update

We slid into the anchorage last night/early morn at 1A.M. with no problem and dropped anchor behind Savannah. Mike and Jodie picked us up this morning, and we did find the refrigeration man who seems to be able to help us after ordering and getting what he needs tomorrow morning from Isla Santa Cruz and he will work on locating and fixing the leak manana. I am bringing my frozen goods into town later this afternoon and can put them in the freezer at the local market, Danielita's. Progress!!!! The owner of the market, Luis, has a farm upcountry and is also a guide; we are hoping to arrange a trip at the end of the week to explore the volcano and get fresh fruits and veggies to, once again, carry us to the Marquesas. Meanwhile we will be eating all the stored veggies in the refer in the next couple of days and Life is good!  I am just so amazed at how many cruisers have been on the radio offering to help us in any way possible, and the locals here have been wonderful. Again, we are so fortunate. Being stuck on Isla Isabella with Mike and Jodie certainly is not bad. I get to swim with the sea lion pups and the penguins one more time. :)  Love to you, Suzi

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Anonymous said...

I have been lagging on keeping tabs with your blog. Lot of high adventure going on. The Tunnels incident sounded horrible and sounds like your got real lucky after getting unlucky on the Captain pick.
Hope you resolve your reffer issues and are able to get going soon. Lots of luck and Kit and I will be thinkun about ya guys as you cross.