Thursday, July 11, 2013

Being Happy Wherever You Are

Whenever I get ansy and have the sense that I may be stuck,  I take a look around and reconsider the notion. Most of my dear friends live their lives out of their nice comfy homes, doing whatever they have planned to do for the day, with a sense of daily adventure and delight in just living life to the max.  Often times they work at something they have chosen to do and are challenged to do their very best, or they are enjoying some special times exercising with friends and sharing ideas and thoughts which enrich the souls. Maintenance and organization is also part of living in a house on a daily basis and hours of time is spent keeping home comfortable.  Luckily in my world, we have chosen to do whatever it is we are doing, and here I am, on my dear sailing yacht, Sidewinder, looking out over crystal clear aqua blue warm water, green hills, with a few white puffy clouds flying by through the deep blue sky. I have just come back from a hike with some good friends, Glenn and Lynn, who live on their s/v Steel Sapphire, and we have just connected with them after their year of going back to England to work. The last three mornings I have hiked early with girlfriends, Bridgette and Lynn, who both live with their husbands here, in their houses, on the island  at Musket Cove. Bridgette and John go back periodically to Calgary where John still works on his photography and they both love to ski, and Lynn and Dave own several boats here, which they run for the resorts on a daily basis.  David and I are both tackling the chores of maintenance and organization of stuff on Sidewinder, our little home, as we get closer to enjoying some special time with son, Casey, when he arrives at the end of July. We are doing something that needs to be done each day, and, while the wind blows a bit too much for further exploring, it is a good time to work. Of course, updating the blog  to keep in touch with our wonderful friends, is much more fun than doing what needs to be done...and David, after coming back from golfing with some other friends, needs to rest, and is in the cockpit reading.... So, here we are, still in Musket Cove, being happy souls where we are and we send our love to all!  Hope all is well with everyone!  We love you :))
 Lynn and Bridgette are very fun to hike with in the beautiful early morning light of Musket Cove

 Glenn and Lynn hiked with me up to one of the top knolls over-looking the pristine water on Malolo Island
 We forged our way through the tall grass; seems like no one has hiked here for a while
 Our goal was to hike to the top of that hill, but we did not quite make it. What fun anyway!
 After saying another farewell to friends, Peter and Diana on Quickstar, we left Vuda Pt for Musket Cove
 Quickstar is now in Vanuatu, waiting out the wind as we are here in Musket Cove
 Riki, on Guava Jelly, was serenaded by friends from Vuda Pt. He and Jason headed north.
  While friends sail away, we meet up again with those we have missed who are still in Musket Cove.