Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cowboy David and Family / Fun Times with Friends at 9th St Beach

Home with family and friends

We have been warmly embraced by family and friends since the night we arrived at LAX and the time is flying by. Speed is the name of the game on the freeways and my little CRV seems to be doing quite fine. Sister Jane picked us up from the airport and we enjoyed a smooth and swift ride home, which all seemed extremely casual.  Welcome to the land of modern technology! The next morning we drove to Orange County in my car which my sister has been diligently guarding and we picked up warm clothing for our winter stay. The days have been quite warm here, thank goodness, but the nights are chilly and dry. We have been so fortunate to have friend, Lynnie, lend us her house in Capo Beach for the months we are here; having one place where we can stash our stuff has been great. We stayed in the wonderful oceanview home of friends, Cindy and Mick, who were visiting kids in Northern California, and found ourselves back in South Laguna close to our home that has been rented, able to visit our wonderful friends and play some volleyball on one of the prettiest beaches in the world. We love our community and treasure our friends. How special it is to be home! Thanksgiving week was spent at the family ranch, an amazingly peaceful place on this planet, and that, too, made us realize just how very lucky we are. We are now finishing our third week and it seems like I just can't get enough of my friends; what an unbelieveable group of talented people they are.  Kris and I have been relishing our walking talking hikes and are trying to make the most of our precious time together. David has been diligently making important contacts and ordering boat parts nonstop and we have much to do to get ready for the next leg of our cruising journey. I definitely have been having more fun than he has, but I know he will catch up soon. Life is so good. May the holidays be a time of celebration and thanksgiving for all that we have been given. Warm blessings to all!  Love to all,  Suzi and David

Glimpses of home with friends and family