Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Off to the South Pacific!

We are leaving tomorrow [tax day] around 12:00 noon and there are about 5 or 6 boats leaving at the same time. We have even formed a net so we can talk on the SSB radio every morning and evening keeping track of each other. As for how long it will take us to get to the Marquesas all I can say is your guess is as good as mine. I hope we will get there in 20-25 days but the weather and wind will be the telling factor. Google a thing called Passage and click on the box in the map that is near the Galapagos. This site can tell you the weather we will be expecting for the next 7 days but its accuracy strays a bit after 4 days. We will keep in touch with you via sailmail, so don´t worry about us; we will do just fine. See ya,  David

This from Suzi, later: We did have great fun at the tortoise center just outside of town this morning;  the huge tortoises from here are mesmerizing to watch. They seemed to be so personable and probably could tell us many stories of long ago Galapagos. 

The day was absolutely stunning after a good rain this morning with vibrant colors everywhere. Yesterday we visited a farm up country and were able to pick fresh fruit and veggies and purchase two pounds of organic coffee grown right there. How cool is that!  You would never guess that it was so tropical and lush just a few miles away from the coast. The penguins have been going nuts in the bay today, after the fresh shower and the aqua green water is intense. It is hard to leave but we are excited to move on to even more intense beauty. Actually, the areas are so different that we cannot compare. What a treat to have been able to be here with all of the animals and what an amazing feeling to finally be on our way to the real South Pacific. YOW!!!  Love to everyone.     

Ah yes, I was hoping to order a new camera for taking underwater pictures, since our precious little Canon died with the capsizing event, but just didn`t have time. Also, I am down to one pair of sunglasses now, my old Oakleys so wish me luck!  Maybe when we get to the Marquesas we will be able to connect with internet once again and order a camera which Paula could bring. We do really think we will be able to hook up with them. Ah, so much to is time for this place to close.

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