Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun in the Galapagos

We have swam with so many seals and turtles I feel like one of them. They are so casual about swimming around you and looking you right in the face, it seems they are wondering why are you here ?? But before these snorkling trips the day starts with coffee on the bow checking out the waves as the sun rises. The view of the surf spot we have been going to from the boat is perfect and only about 1/4 mile away. It couldn' be better. One of the photos I'm going to include here is of a set of waves that came through, there isn't anyone surfing them as the waves sort of cleaned everyone out of the line up. Robert off the boat Freedom is the goofy foot guy charging the big waves and I'm the one cruising on the smaller ones. Of all the places we have stopped at on this adventure the Galapagos Islands are my favorite so far. The clear warm (but not to warm) water, the surf, the diving along with the small comfortable town has made all the boat work and hassels worth it. I feel like this cruise has just started !!! We are off the the Isla Isabella this afternoon where I heard there were more waves !!! Wish us luck.....

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