Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sailmail Update on the U-Turn

It is 6:00 PM  and we are still motoring along the island with the wind and strong current on our nose. David tore out the refrigeration system, not an easy task I might add, and we found the refrigerant canister to be very corroded but couldn't locate the leak. Hopefully someone will be able to help us. Mike on Savannah has already found a refrigerant mechanic after listening to the net last night, even though we have been unable to make contact with them personally. What great friends they have become. We are hoping to leave with them next weekend and start anew.

I have found myself quite emotional and useless, with a sore neck which just doesn't want to go away, but we have both regrouped and are trying to enjoy the heat and hum of wonderful Perkins. Cross your fingers we can find some where to put our frozen food. Actually, I hope we can find help tomorrow and be back in business. Love, Suzi

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