Friday, May 23, 2008

We begin!

We are not sailing yet, but we truly have begun our new adventure. We are getting the house ready for our new tenant, wonderful friends who are leasing our home for the next three years so that we can be secure and free to sail away knowing full well that all is well in Laguna Beach. How very fortunate are we! Thank you Jo Jo and Fergie! We move onto Sidewinder in July and from there we will sail local waters and be sure that we can match Sidewinder's sailing expectations. We leave for warm water and winds in October and will take you all with us. Thank you, Casey, for this beautiful blog! You are the best! How exciting and inspiring to be able to continually communicate with all of you. The most difficult part of leaving is saying farewell to all of you, but how cool is it to stay in touch more than ever.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

1st Entry

My son got this going for us. We'll thank him in our own way.