Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fond Memories of Isla San Cristobal

Good waves, incredible encounters with the creatures of the land and sea, and great times with new friends. What more could we ask for?!!!!


lynn said...

davie you "charge" lynnie and brad

Todd Kettner said...

Hi Dave and Suzie. Tara just spent her 40th birthday with Tami down in Laguna last week. She heard that you're now in the Galapagos so I checked the great pics on your blog. Friends of ours from South Africa on the catamaran Merlin who we hung out with when we were cruising in Grenada last summer are there now too, so I thought I'd email you a link to their blog in case you run into them. Another couple we met on Curious from the UK are a leg ahead of you in the polynesians. Keep having fun! Todd Kettner, Nelson BC