Friday, August 30, 2013

Vanuatu Volcano

The volcano was a "E" ticket ride for sure !!! I got some great photos but even they don't convey the power, sound and feeling of smallness that you felt standing on the edge looking down into that pit of molten lava when it erupted. Oh I might add that I also felt stupid for being there flirting with nature. It kept running through my mind that the whole damn thing could blow up at any moment and we wouldn't have a chance in hell of fleeing. IT was an experience of a life time and only in Vanuatu could you get within 5 miles of that thing. In the States it may be 10 miles !!!! When we get to Port Vila and have internet again we'll post some shots that might give you a feeling of what it was like but I already know they won't do it justice. On a whole Vanuatu is much more primitive than anywhere we have been so far with the native housing all thatched huts with dirt paths passing between them but it's pretty as hell and the pride they have in their meager existence is obvious. The beaches are beautiful and the main one here in Port Resolution even has a crude shower up under the palm trees. The kids all have smiles on their faces and the adults are very approachable and quick with their own smiles. I think we may be moving on to the next island tomorrow, sort of depends on the weather grib forecast.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Days At Musket Cove Photos Tell the Story

Leaving has its ups and downs
We will miss Leanne +John on Redsky, Tom +Monica on Tanga. Such good times!
 From back of Redsky after our last day at Namotu surfing
 Tahle was a special friend at the Trader Store
Ken and Ilene on Silver Ruffian
Ernie, Redsky, Tanga, Sue and Grace enjoying final BBQ
Grace, Kathy and Jeff all from the USA
Surf buddies Sunja and Greg with David
Such loving bar-tenders, wishing us a Bula spirit always
On the sand-bank for Geoff's almost full moon party/bonfire

  • Friend Geoff hosts his friends from Calif and shows them the best of times!

Precious Time With Casey

 We were both learning to play the ukes so not much music going on..........just a bit of practicing
 Ah!  the pleasures of surfing at Namotu with friends.
 What a great night of eating and dancing with our dear friends. YAHOO!!
 Jules, Ernie, and Casey enjoy some kind of meaningful conversation, I am sure!
 A band at the Island Bar provided us with a fine excuse to party 'til we dropped!
 Having such a special time with son Casey, living the life here in Fiji.
 Casey, John, and Tom after an awesome surf session; doesn't get much better than this!
Such great fun to be had with Leanne and Jules! Dancing helps the spirit soar, as we all know!

Lots of Love Until We See You Again!

It was so difficult for David and I say good-bye to Casey last week after having such an incredible time with him on Sidewinder, and now.........we also say good-bye to all of our wonderful friends at Musket Cove. What an amazing journey we are on! What a joy to have Casey Sobolewski share with us our wonderful adventure; we miss him bigtime! We surfed, snorkeled, did some great dives, had many yummy BBQ's with the gang at Musket, partied with the greatest of friends, and had very precious quality time just BEING with dear Casey. He is such a wonderful, gentle, kind, compassionate soul, and I am so proud to be in his life. David was so touched with his "most mellow son in the world" and what a blessing to have him want to come spend this time with us in our small space on Sidewinder. Now that he has returned to his own bed ( I am sure feels so so nice :)) and his life with friends and family, we are now moving onward, having to say some of our own farewells to our Fijian family in Musket and our dear friends. As I have said before, it is for me, one of the most difficult part of this cruising lifestyle. It is so special to bond with new friends and know our friendships will last forever. The countless early morning hikes with Lynn, Brigette, and others were so great for me; having a chance to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings with other women, is so up-lifting. Dear Earnie, from Lauren Grace, is so kind, funny, warm, and willing to help everyone; what a treat to have him in our lives. Sue and Andrew, Geoff, and Don will always be wonderful friends we will find back in Musket Cove and Nandi, where they do their best to make lives more fun and enjoyable for all. We will miss Leanne and John on Redsky, as well as Monica and Tom on Tanga; what fun we have had with them surfing, dancing, laughing, and just enjoying life together. Sorry to miss giving John on Zazoo a big hug and thank you, as well. The pictures will tell the story and I know that I have said enough.

We are heading to Lautoka right now and will check out of Fiji this morning, given an updated favorable weather forecast. Our plan is to sail to Vanuatu and explore those beautiful islands until mid-October, when we will need to start our journey north up to Pohnpei, the most eastern island in Micronesia. The other possibility would be to go to New Caledonia and Australia, but I think we are leaning toward moving north for more surfing and diving adventures. Leaving Fiji is the first step..........and very hard to do without tears, for me. It is always easier when you know that someday we might possibly return. This is paradise, indeed, and it would not be so without such lovely people. What a gift to be here for so long!!!!    
 Hope all is well on the homefront and lots of love to all of you!   Suzi and David

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Great Fun With Casey Continues On

It has been so wonderful having Casey visit us here in Fiji and so far, today is the first day we have been yachtbound on Sidewinder due to wind. Since his arrival at the end of July, we have been playing hard and having so much fun with son, Casey. It is such a pleasure to be with him and his mellowness has made our small space workable. The surf, sun, and wonderful water have fully co-operated and all our friends have welcomed him with open arms, wishing they could adopt him. He certainly has made living on Sidewinder very easy for me and, of course, Capt David has thoroughy enjoyed teaching him as much as he can in such a short amount of time. He he has quickly stepped up to the plate and is helping with engine, anchoring, driving, sailing, loading the boards into the dinghy ( a great help to me!) and just about everything. We will both miss him so darn much after next Tuesday night, when he flies home, but til then, we continue to cherish the time with him.  After checking out the waves, our first day, on the way to Musket Cove, our adventuring has not stopped until today. Casey met everyone his first night at the barbecue, and the island has embraced him with the Bula spirit. Surfing has been at the top of the list for activities, but we also have snorkeled all over the place. Last week, with the north winds, we took off for Robinson Crusoe Resort and decided from there to head for Kadavu for some diving.  We glided over the glassy water with stars all around the next night and arrived the next morning for a few days of diving and exploring the village life. Unfortunately, we never did find the mantas, but the snorkeling and diving were beautiful. With high wind weather approaching, we sailed our way back to Musket Cove a few days ago and have surfed and partied with friends since our arrival. What great fun we have had. The pictures, of course, will tell the story more thoroughly and there will be more to come, I am sure. For now.........we are truly loving all the time we have with son, Casey.