Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 4

Starting our fourth day at sea, we finally have some good consistent 8 kt. winds with a strong current pushing us toward our final destination. Because our days have been light on wind, we have been slowly slinking along with intermittent Perkins' power across the glassy spots until now; it seems like we finally have picked up the breeze everyone looks for when going this direction and we hope we are now going to cruise with the wind starting with an average of 6 kts.

The seas are quite calm and it is absolutely beautiful out here on the intense, translucent blue ocean. Yesterday David and I couldn't seem to get enough of just hanging out on Sidewinder's deck, gazing out over the vast space around us and feeling a oneness with its entirety. This is why we love to sail. We are fortunate, so far, to feel safe and sound, gliding through the ocean with ease; fear and frustration are the barriers and at this moment we are free to just be. PHEW!!! Feels great!

Today we will test out our ability to set up the monitor windvane for the first time, and, with luck, we will be able to use this wonderful wind to steer Sidewinder to the Marquesas, instead of using Auto (auto-pilot) who has been steering most of the way so far. Auto has done a stellar job but could use a rest, while saving energy. We are pretty spoiled, not having to individually steer 24/7; cruising has definitely changed a great deal since I last crossed the ocean blue! The infamous iPod is amazing on moonlit night watches, and we both are reminded of how much we love our friends. Thank you friends and family for being with us on this journey. Hope all is well at home.  Suzi

I asked D&S to send their locations with the sailmails so that those of us with GoogleEarth could track their journey. - K.

Kris- Our present location is 02 degrees 57.039 minutes South and 095 degrees 52.709 minutes West. From now on I will write it 2 57 S  95 52 W. This is the way we call them out while on the SSB net every morning and evening. Life is good aboard with a dolphin show going on as we speak. Suzi is hooting and hollering topside. Got to see this-  David

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