Friday, April 2, 2010

Snorkling Trip

We went on a dive trip today with some other cruisers and had a ball swimming with turtles and seals. They (seals) were so playful and having as much fun as we were. It was a gas and we may go back to the same place to do it again. The cool thing about it was there wasn't anyone else there. We had got up early and were on our way by 6:30 so none of the party dive boats that normally go there were there yet so it was just us. The armada started showing up just as we were leaving. Made the whole experience much more personal.  -David

There is nothing like this experience. What a rush!!!! The pups played with us all morning long, getting so close that at first I thought they might bump into me and bite or something. Never did they enter your space, but they weren`t afraid to swim as close as possible, whiskers and all, and look at you eyeball to eyeball. WOW! They are constantly moving in ballerina style flowing circles around each other and around you when you are with them; they cruise endlessly underneath you, upside down, and over you with smiling eyes and flipping tails. I danced and danced, wishing I could move as gracefully and as energetically as they could. What an amazing experience!! The turtles, as well, welcomed us to cruise with them, looking from side to side nonchalantly, using their flippers as sea wings. The intensity of the morning adventure stayed with me all day; Kelita, Robert, David and I all kept on smiling throughout the day, knowing how very magical and special our time was with the creatures
of the sea. We are so fortunate to be here with the animals.  - Suzi

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