Thursday, April 15, 2010

Suzi Sets Sail

The pictures of the penguins, blue-footed boobies, and the marine iguanas are from the little island across from the anchorage. It was an early morning adventure along the trail and along the coast of the island; the tour boats arrived just after we left and we managed to not get into trouble. Yay! The turtles at the center just outside of town are amazing, quite proficient at showing just how slowed down one can get. The biggest of the females definitely run away as fast as they can when they see the big guys coming for them. We caught the early morning sex sessions and it did not look like very much fun!  Glad I am not a tortoise!  The last photo is the one taken from Kelita's camera which did survive our calamity out at Tunnels. We all look quite happy and we were.......very thankful to be alive and rescued. The panga in the background ended upright and wedged into a rock, with the help of us all. What you cannot see are the huge meat-eating horseflies who could not resist all of our fresh tantalizing bodies, even with rash guards on. YIKES!  Like we needed to be eaten alive after surviving the capsizing panga  We are on our way to the Marquesas this afternoon and will take with us lots of fresh veggies and fruits from the farm we visited, and wonderful memories of an exotic Galapagos journey. Love to all! Suzi

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