Friday, April 16, 2010

Then Again . . .

Yesterday afternoon David was climbing the mast to replace our main halyard line for the last of the preparations and found a problem with our spinnaker block. He replaced the block and the line, and by that time, it was 5:00 and we were really tired. Victoria, A Capella, Freedom, and Kamaya had all managed to leave before 3:30, so we just decided to chill and not push our luck. Leaving on Friday is out of the question for David, who believes this would be bad luck, so we will leave with another catamaran named Wind Caper tomorrow morning around 8:00. We are all keeping in touch by way of SSB radio twice a day, so we will be fine and much more rested.

We took the opportunity to visit Jodie and Mike on Savannah and had a wonderful evening playing cribbage, a continuation of an ongoing tourney with them since Panama. We rested well last night, have finished cleaning up the boat and took the opportunity to get more water in town. When we truly do take off tomorrow morning, we will be refreshed and ready to soak up our new adventure. Love to all!  Suzi

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