Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 5

We are S 03 degrees 30, W 98 degrees 24 minutes and we are moving along at 7 kts. in 14 kts. of breeze with sideways swells knocking us around often. Guess it's a bit too much to ask for winds and waves pushing us comfortably all at once!

David has the wind monitor working and we (I say with hesitation) are needing to focus on the refer which has stopped functioning due to a problem with the raw water intake system.....we think. There seems to always be something!

Last evening we had a killer sunset mosaic with puffy clouds lit by brilliant oranges and pinks with intermittent powder blue skies and yellow-orange-pink streaks surrounding the firey orange ball of light going down; at the same time, the full moon appeared in all of its glory. What an awesome show! Fingers and toes are crossed that we can fix the refer problem with ease. Love to you, S&D

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