Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Safe and Sound for the Cyclone Season in Vuda Pt

 Giggling and sharing stories with Diana has made the daily hard work so much more fun.

 Playing music with Seta, Kimi, and Save has greatly added joy to our lives

  Hanging with good friends in the late afternoon and evenings has made our days in Vuda Pt special.
 Sidewinder is moved to her new home..........into the hole she goes!

                         Wait!!!!! What about Captain David!  He wants to come home with me!

From The Magic of Musket to Great Times in Vuda Pt

 It was hard to leave surfing out at Namotu with our friends, Bill and Ohmed. It is so beautiful out there!
 The girls at the Musket Cove store, the Trader, always took such good care of me!
 Heather and Steve (from Australia) invited us to join them at First Landing for the Melborne Cup.
 How great to watch the elections with our friends. It was quite a hair-raising event !!PHEW !
 Ahhhhhh! Jason, Peter, Diana, Suzi, David, and Rikki seem to like the results !

 Sidewinder patiently displaying the keel work done; she's looking pretty good for all the weather she has experienced!   Now that she is in the hole, she has a great view of the ocean from a safe place. :)

 The Sunset Bar is also the Yacht Club, welcoming all who come to stay inside the marina.

Leaving Fiji Tonight.....WOW !!!

We can't believe it is already November 15 and we are leaving Fiji tonight! Please forgive us for not posting all the tedious activities we have been doing here in Vuda Pt, getting Sidewinder ready for her safe hole. Along with doing work on the keel, David and I have been getting her ready topside and inside for her vacation on the land these next four months and have also been having some great fun re-uniting with our friends, Heather and Steve who are working on their s/v Kate, Diana and Peter on Quicksilver, Rikki from Guava Jelly, and Jason from Bodhran. First Landing music friends, Kimi, Save, and Seta have also welcomed us back and David has been playing a mean harmonica. The following pictures are just a few of the great times we have had while getting Sidewinder ready for her stay. We look forward to seeing friends and family at home, while getting needed work done on our precious 8th Ave abode.  Warm greetings to all during the holidays;  may the time spent with family and friends make you fully realize just how fortunate we all are.  Love to all.  Suzi and David

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Moments to Remember!

 Everyone helped Bill and Hazel clebrate Bill's 69th birthday in style.
 Cathy, from s/v Wings is a delightful Australian who makes Musket Cove so special.
 Wayne and Diana visited John and Susan on s/v Raj, just in time to celebrate a new year!
 After a magical morning of surfing with big-wave Dave,  Wayne's celebration of  life day was the best!
 We had a great sail over to Naviti island with Raj; Wayne caught us a perfect dinner to share.
 Reef waves often seem to be pretty awesome.  Might be a bit scary, though!

 At Korovou Eco Resort we got to know some wonderful young people traveling from all over the world.
 Ziggy and James serenaded us and we all sang. Ziggy is a wonderful guitarist.

 Doesn't get much better than this!
 Diving in at the Manta-Ray Resort is a special adventure. Such stunning colors and clarity!

The Musket Cove Volleyball Team is the best!  What a fun time watching them compete!

Already mid-October?!!!!! YIKES! Update Due!

So sorry we have been neglecting our blog and we have no good excuses. Obviously the time has slipped on by and we certainly have not had many dull moments. We left  Musket Cove for a little journey to the Yasawas with friends on s/v Raj after spending a wonderful time celebrating several birthdays here in Musket. David took new friend, Wayne, out for a surf session birthday, and it made his day. Surfing out at Namotu Island, near Tavurua, has been a real hightlight these last couple of months. We visited some new spots in the Yasawas, with the intention of swimming with the manta-rays, but that never did happen this season. We did enjoy the Korovou Eco Resort for a few days and met the wonderful people there who run the resort, which belongs to our dear Nadi friend, Ami's family.  It was a quiet anchorage and it was fun just visiting a new place. We had a few beautiful snorkel sessions near the Manta-ray Resort and played volleball there and at Korovou, loving the fun and exercise. We are back in Musket Cove, now, and are enjoying the beautiful days with thunder-showers occurring occasionally in the afternoons. We watched  the second presidential debate here in Musket Cove and are thrilled to have been able to download our absentee ballots and send them in by fax. Yesterday, we took a trip into Nadi with the Musket Cove volleyball team, by way of the Malolo Cat, and watched them take the lead in a tournament, competing with many other resorts in the area. We will know when they return this evening whether or not they won. It was great fun being part of this local event; the guys are really very cool dudes!:) We will work this week on getting Sidewinder ready for her hole in Vuda Pt, before taking her over there; it is much more beautiful here and we do have a bit more surfing to do! David is certainly getting himself into shape and is looking good;  it will be hard to leave the warm water, great waves, fun friends, and the Island Bar, where we have a running tab.:)  Sorry we have no good surf pictures to add to this blog, but hope to have some soon.  We fly home November 15. See you soon.   Suzi and David

Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Magical Memories

The chief and elders gave us the blessings of the village and welcomed us to thoroughly enjoy ourselves.
 The caves, the coves, and our cruising friends full of adventurous warm spirit all contributed to this special time in the Bay of Islands, Vanua Balavu.   The pictures speak for themselves!

 Carolyn, Linda, and I had so much fun exploring the lagoons.......and left us all smiling.

 Daliconi villagers embraced us and shared their lives with us. How fortunate we are!