Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can't Believe it is already mid-March!

My how the time flies by when you are having so much fun!!!! Since we returned from our South Island little vacation, we have been non-stop working on Sidewinder in the pouring rain and luckily during a one week sort of good weather time. Once again, Capt Dave has been creating and directing the hatch cover remodels, stove re-fits, canvas extension to the hard dodger, fiberglass repair of keel after having kissed the Fiji reef months ago, the re-wiring and moving of the solar panels, and the install of the new water-maker membrane. It has just started raining again so we are back to indoor projects for a while, but I am sure we will not run out of things to do. The weather, though, certainly has slowed down the process of getting the boat ready for the water, so who knows when that will occur; we do still hope to do some cruising around the Barrier Island, not too far away from Auckland, before heading back north and preparing for our trip back to Fiji.

A great job to do inside out of the rain, applying the hardware to the new hatch covers.
  Sort of a Zen project with Willie playing on the stereo- wish I still smoked pot !!
 Finally a stove with all three burners that work and it even lights with a push of a button (sometimes !!)

The new dodger extension is so cool looking and being dry during passages will make it a life saver.
  Someday it may even be extended further all the way back to the end of the cockpit.

 Joanie and Guy off the s/v Pickles, minus their 4 kids !!!
The stairway to heaven with the plank across the top railing that allowed us to weld up the end of the solar panel support as well as to mount and connect the panels.
               The forward section of our keel that was the first thing to hit the reef that windy night in Fiji.
What a wonderful group of new friends, as well as hiking with friends I've cherished forever. Great Fun!
                                           Suzi and Kris- Best buddies since college and forever                                              Judy, Debbie and Claudine-friends and family   Such a great time to re-connect with those I love!
  Meanwhile, back here at Dockland 5, we have managed to re-connect with a wonderful family on the s/v Picles, whom we met in the Marquesas,and we also were able to welcome Billy's son, Sky, along with his buddies, Eric and David, to Whangarei, in the pouring rain, two days ago. We were at least able to take them to a great sports bar, feed them lunch, and visit with them into the night over my homemade spaghetti at the clubhouse/office here at the Dockland 5 Boatyard and as flexible, young, travelin' vagabonds, they slept on the floor of the office quite "comfortably". We were sorry not to have enough room on Sidewinder to house them in the rain, but at least they stayed dry and did not have to spend their hard-earned money. After cups of coffee the following morn, along with more conversation, they left us to continue their journey in NZ before heading home on Thursday; unfortunately we never did take a picture of them for the blog, but our memory of having them here with us will always be special.  As I realize just how much time has flown by since my return to the states, I keep wanting to record all the special memories I have from my trip back home from late Dec through January, along with pictures and special "thank yous". The few pictures I have included here will have to be enough right now, since it is lunchtime and I need to rustle up some grub for the hard-working Capt. Dave. It is the least I can do! Love to everyone for now.  Suzi