Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Race with the Weather

My how things can change around here. Now there seems to be a low pressure system on its way across New Zealand that is supposed to be here tonight about 02:00 (tomorrow morning here) and we were advised to get into the bay by that time as big winds are predicted. Can you believe it?? What we thought was going to be a nice casual sail in during the night with a comfy arrival tomorrow morning has now changed into a race with the weather. So out came all the reefs in the main as well as pulling out the head sail all the way and over we went into high gear. It's still a nice sail right now, and if we can keep up this speed we should just be tying up to the customs dock at 02:00 in the morning. That's the way I figure it anyway, and we all know how dependable the weather is?? This lifestyle is giving me grey hair!! Good thing it's hid by the blond facade. So that's what is happening around Sidewinder right now and as soon as we can after getting there, we will drop you a line and tell you the outcome of the race. Sorry to keep you always on the edge of your seat but just think how we are feeling !! I'm not sure it's all worth it either, Kris, the feeling of accomplishment is worth something, but who knows how many years this is taking off all of our lives?  Talk soon- (I hope?)  David & Suzi   
Position =  33° 49' S  173° 54' E  
P.S. We won't be able to contact you until at least 12:00 noon our time which I think is midnight there due to being confined to the boat until customs checks us in and I've heard that Sailmails don't go out very well there. But that's way beyond your bedtime so you'll know our fate when you wake up tomorrow.

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