Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 7: All's Well

Explanation of references to my injury: Suzi and I scraped the front off our shins on the same day, which I reported to her because I thought that was pretty cosmic. (I was assaulted by my composter, which landed on top of me and pushed me downhill into a tree. No big deal.) - K.

Just a quick note to say it's a lot better today. Not only was I able to get the old diesel to fire up (bad ground at the engine) after working on her for 3 hours but the sun has come out, the wind is down to 7 knts with all good wind for the next few days and that's all we need to get there. Knock on wood - cross your fingers and if you're a praying type please say one for us. We have had more than our share of adversity on this passage and we are due some mellow times. Our position is 30 21 South  172 58 East. Only bad thing about us getting there is that if we continue at this speed we will get there in the middle of the night??? Oh well, New Zealand marks their channels much better than Fiji (which is like outrunning a polio victim). So that's it for now, sorry to hear about your battle with the compost bin, you need to take on smaller opponents. It is cosmic that the two of you have matching shins now and it wounds like you may of been wiping up blood about the same time??? Suzi's will be a scar for life I'm afraid. Talk more later. 
-David & Scar    
Just had to thank you, dear soulmate best buddy for totally wanting to be with me to the very core. I hope you are healing and aren't feeling too sore from your tumble. I think you might have experienced more pain than I and I am sorry. I love you. Can't wait to write you from a quiet serene anchorage where reality is mellow. Thank goodness we are closing in on our destination soon.  Love you,  S

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