Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First adventure in the Bay of Islands, NZ

 Out of Opua we go with Scream on our first Bay of Islands adventure.
 Capt David showing off his brand new $8.00 shoes that match the sailcovers:)
 Roberton Island from the look out platform. Great hike with Steve
 David, Suzi, and Steve enjoying the view and companionship
  Definitely a great spot to anchor for the over-night adventure with Scream
 Lovely grasses, flowers, beach, birds, pine trees- a wonderful relaxing playground

 A great first adventure with our friends on Scream in New Zealand. We look forward to many more and of course, we are grateful for it all!


Virginia Cross said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
Its great to see your beautiful smiles. Give our best to Darusha and Steve too. XXX

Anonymous said...

Nice follow-through, Dave. You might still have it. Dog!