Friday, November 4, 2011

Made It!

That's right, we are here in one piece and still talking to one another. Stepping off onto a stable platform was weird at first, even I, who usually don't feel that land moving feeling, was a bit wobbly at first. But as you can see with this sailmail, we still don't have internet yet. Tomorrow for that and a phone as well as a trip to the super market. We ended up getting here this morning at 02:00 and got to bed around 03:00 but it's off to a party tonight, so sleep will have to wait for a bit longer, running on fumes!! That Friday night tequila is going to kick my ass ~~~  See ya and talk more tomorrow night.  David & Suzi


virginia and richard said...

Congratulations you guys, we've been following you closely and looking at your gribs - so happy that you are safe and sound. We are back on Mandy for a couple of weeks getting her ready for another East coast winter - maybe we will be back aboard on the water next year. Love and kisses. V & R

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! My stomach was churning as I read about your strenuous, eight days on the open seas. Best wishes, the former sand flea