Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 8: Warm and Well Fed

After motoring all day yesterday and last evening, the W winds began to fill in and we started sailing once again around 3AM, with flat seas and stars all around. It was a wonderfully calm early morning sleep for me, warm once again, but with no engine din. David is resting, after sleeping an hour and eating, and the sun is back out after a small squall. Life is good and we are about 200 nm from Opua. We both feel refreshed from our sunny, dry motoring day, which included taking long overdue showers and basking in the warmth of the sun. What a journey! When the sun is out, the temp is still really nice, and we hope for good weather when we arrive. Today I must make sense of the topsy turvey salon scene and prepare for stringent customs rules. I actually think we will be just about out of frozen meals and fresh veggies, and the old rice and flour I will have to give up is not such a big deal. Our position right now is: S 31 54' and E 173 21'; weather forecasts for today and tomorrow are favorable. We should be in Opua on Friday (your Thursday) and then we have to wait with our yellow quarantine flag up until the officials board the boat. It will be so fun to sail into the Bay of Islands and I will let you know whether or not the rush was worth it. (Personally I don't think so!) Hope that all is well. Love you mucho, Suzi and David

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