Friday, August 31, 2012

Namara Bay

We have enjoyed the last couple of days in this peaceful little bay, hanging with Ricky, Dave and Carolyn. Two days ago we snorkeled very late and even though we had cloud-cover, the clarity was unbelieveable. Ricky found a huge octopus to observe and I found a giant brilliant blue clam and a lobster hiding in his hole.  Yesterday, the weather began to clear and we had a wonderful beach barbecue cooking reef fish shot by Dave, baked yams given to us in Matuku, a quinoa salad I put together with the very last carrot, radish, green onions, bok choy, sprouts, and black olives using Debbie Meany's recipe. Yum! You can tell I am beginning to really miss my fresh veggies and so look forward to finding some, especially now!  It was a full moon on the water, as the clouds began to part, and the beach here is mosquito free, so we played music into the night and so enjoyed warm conversation with new friends. It was a magical night and pretty damn special having this little un-inhabited island all to ourselves. Hopefully the clouds this morning will clear, giving us good visibility over to the island of Bulia (Buliva?), where we hope to find mantas. Onward to new fun and food!   

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