Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mavana (17°11'S 178°57'W)

We made it down to the pretty village of Mavana with Chesapeake to check in with the chief, yesterday, late morning, and then we were taken to the farm where we were able to get some bok choy; it was great to be able to pick up some fresh veggies! The trip was a bit stressful just because we haven't been here and there are "bommies" (coral heads) everywhere, but our charts are pretty right on and the visibility was pretty good so we did fine. We worked our way back up to a small bay that is well protected, but a bit tricky entering with a small pass between high cliff walls. It is really beautiful here and we look forward to winding our way up the river valley in our kayaks (Linda and Jim have kayaks as well). Rain and wind are supposed to hit us tonight and carry on over the weekend, so we will hunker down here until the weather settles again. The snorkeling is supposed to be beautiful here so we do hope to explore that as well, before moving.

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