Sunday, August 5, 2012

Engine Woes in Tota Bay

Hi there! The strong winds and heavy rains never came and even though it is over-cast it is lovely here on this little bay. This morning Capt David is trouble-shooting why the engine will not accelerate over 1800 RPM while underload and so far we have discovered nothing. Let's hope by changing the fuel filter, the problem will be solved. It has been a long time since we have had engine issues, thank goodness! Linda and I are going kayak/tide-pooling in a short while and hopefully will be able to walk around the corner to Rueben's estate to check out the veggie situation and maybe catch a short horse ride. Our tentative plan is to leave tomorrow for the southern area of this island to a little separate island called Susui, close to where there is supposed to be surf; we also hope to be able to make our way down to the southern Lau island of Fulagi by mid-next week, given a good weather window.


Anonymous said...

We're hoping that Capt Dave gets the engine fixed and finds the local surf!

Anonymous said...

That comment is from your old/new Florida friends near Taveuni ( from the beach at Dolphin Bay Divers). Let's see that picture from that beach posted sometime! Enjoy every part of your trip you two.