Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mountain Climbing

Howdy - Well we made it up to the top of the mountain and it was a thigh burner for sure. Straight up on a faint trail and thank God for the small trees that allowed for hand holds and places to place your feet. The last 100 ft. or so was along a rock ridge line that offered vertical drops on either side, sort of scary but the view at the top was worth it. We took some photos of course so the next time we can send things out on the internet (???) you'll see what it was like. I went diving for fish after that with a local and passed out after Suzi fed me. We didn't get as many fish as we had hoped but the reef we were at was killer for coral and caves. I'll take Suzi back out there this afternoon. Then it's back into the village for a dinner they are preparing for us all that will include more Kava I'm sure and this time we will take our musical instruments in with us to play along with the local crew. That's if we can convince them to tune there guitars, a practice they don't seem to see the need for. They just tune to each other and call it good. That's fine for them but I can't tune my harmonicas !!!  Will let you know how it all goes off, I'm sure it will be another night filled with laughter.   See ya,  David & Suzi

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