Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vunisea Bay

We are anchored in Vunisea Bay  19 02.7695 S  178 09.3649 E but will be moving today around the corner to the south to a different bay that has the fresh veggie market that Suzi is soooo looking forward to. We did go into the village here yesterday and there were a few different small stores where we were able to get lots of the little things we have become use to like cookies, peanut butter, cokes for our rum, fresh bread, a fresh cabbage and some little apples, baked beans and even some frozen sausages. The internet here is very slow to say the least. Fact is we can't even get into gmail but can hook up to the internet connection for sailmail which is too confusing to explain right now. What this means is we can send and receive messages using our sailmail address with the same restrictions applied but it comes in much faster and without having to connect to the radio. So no photos yet !! Sorry, I'm sure anyone reading our blog these days is getting tired of only reading text with no pictures to help support the stories. Oh well, nothing we can do about that now. In a few days we are moving down to the south side of this island to Cape Washington that is world know for its waves. Has a place there called "King Kongs" which might tell you a bit about the wave size and strength. Won't be seeing me on any of those suckers but there are suppose to be other breaks in the area that are more user friendly. I'll keep you updated......David       Hi there! 

We are having some weird clouds and a front is moving into the area tomorrow; big winds and rain are predicted, so looks like we will be hanging out here.  Luckily, Guava and Riada are still here and will be moving around to the next bay with us. After that we will part ways and that will be very sad for me. It has been really special having some friends to play with. The energy is so fun to share; laughing and carrying on adds so much to life, as we all know. -S

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