Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Savasavu to Cousteau Resort

Hi there. Yesterday was soooo funky! The rain started with misty clouds rolling by and ended last night with driving, pouring sheets of water pounding down on the roofs of the buildings we were in. Luckily we were inside enjoying a wonderfully tasty meal with new friends, Kathy and Bill from Seattle, and then we waited afterwards for about an hour for a  small window of time with no rain giving us a brief time to scramble to the dinghy dock and get to ourboats before the next downpour. We did manage to fill our one tank with yummy fresh rain water directly from the sky. We did manage to do most of our shopping for supplies during the misty day and we left around noon today for the Cousteau Resort, just down the coast about 3 miles, very close to the entrance to the bay. 

It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky, but now the clouds haved reappeared and it looks like another round of rain is happening in the valley where Savusavu is located. We will be ready to jump out of this bay fairly early tomorrow and make our way to Fawn Harbor, about 26 miles from here, on our way to Viani Bay.  I was looking forward to snorkeling a bit here, but the clouds definitely take away the desire to explore. It is nice to be away from the town and this resort looks very pretty from the boat. I think we will stay put and just relax this afternoon (as if I have been working so damn hard!!!)    

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