Friday, July 22, 2011


We woke up yesterday thinking we were going to do some hikes to waterfalls, but the grib files we looked at called for NE winds starting last night and moving to NW stronger winds today and tomorrow, so we decided to move to the hurricane hole over here on Qamea, about half-way down the west coast. We went ashore with Adrian and Helen from sv Mandala and did a bit of re-provisioning at the little store and fresh produce garden stand and then delighted in freshly brewed coffee and sweets at Audrey's. What a beautiful woman she is! We left for Qamea around 11:00 with mostly cloudy sky, and luckily, the sun came out as we entered the long narrow bay and the reefs were very visible. So, here we sit, in front of a little neat, tidy colorful community on the hillside, safe and sound: S 16 45', W 179 46'.

David and I visited the little village with some kava for the chief and were welcomed by many smiling faces; we just happened to catch the end of the afternoon traditional drumming and dancing practice by the young people. Wish we had gotten there earlier to really experience them in action. Moses, the head man, gave us permission to visit and stay with them, as we are now part of their community. Upon leaving, we were greeted by many of the people, and as we slogged our way out with Worm through the mud of the mangroves, we were smiling. An Australian guy paddling down the bay later informed us that our little village, was not really considered the true village; the real one we should visit is out on the point and that is where the official chief resides. I think the little community we did visit is doing a fine job of running their own show, and enjoying the benefits! It rained and blew a bit last night and is very cloudy and misty this morning, so here we sit. The day will unfold as it will, and we will enjoy whatever comes our way. 

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