Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Suzi and David have been communicating by sailmail, thus their missives have been brief with no photos. Although Marc and I will not be joining them, they had invested a lot of time and effort to head north, so they continue on to Taveuni. I have been remiss in posting blogs, but below is today's. -K.

We did a few small projects today on Sidewinder and then got ready to go ashore; the rainstorm moved in quickly and we never did leave the boat. We are planning on leaving [Makongai] tomorrow for the next island up, Koro Island, and the anchorage is Dere Bay. There is a resort there and a village not too far away so we hope good weather helps us find the reefs, anchor, and adventure into new territories. Hope your 4th is full of sunshine and joy. -Suzi

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Anonymous said...

Hi to Suzi & David,

Also best wishes to Kris and Marc. I hope you have a speedy recovery Marc.

It has been a crazy month on my home front with a terrible drought in NM. I fled to Colorado when the largest wildfire in NM history surrounded the Los Alamos lab.
It is good to see that you are both enjoying your journey while immersing your souls in liquid paradise.