Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fawn Harbor

Well we made it to Fawn Harbor after beating into 15-20 winds with 4-6 ft choppy seas. Not my idea of good day of sailing. Our DVD player hit the floor along with a bunch of other stuff and I haven't tried it yet. My guess is it's toast !!! Long flight and sudden landing, not good. But we stuck it out and found the pass into this little bay not as bad as the charts showed with posst at every jog in the channel and we got there early enough so the visibility was still good. We aren't sure yet if we will continue on tomorrow to Viani Bay or if we want to check this place out a little. Not much here but there is supposed to be some natural hot springs near by you can walk to, whatever. The sooner I get out of this wind and around the corner the better for me I know that. Hard to sleep to soundly with the possibility of your anchor dragging and finding ones self up on a reef. Love this cruising shit !!! Always something to keep you on your toes. Got to go, dinner is ready. See ya,  David

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