Monday, July 25, 2011

Matagi Island

David and Suzi made it to the resort where we were to have met them. Each submitted a report. -K. 
P.S. to anyone trying to contact them: sailmail only for awhile. 

Well we made it, after 3 days of North winds that would've made this bay very uncomfortable to say the least and down right dangerous, the wind dropped totally last night so we motored over here this morning. It is one of, if not the prettiest, places we have ever dropped a hook. But there isn't much sand around to set the anchor and coral patches everywhere, so it's not a place to hang in unsettled weather. So what are we doing here considering there are 20-30 knt winds forecasted for tomorrow through Wed.? But these winds are suppose to be out of the East to So. East which should make this bay a shelter out of the storm. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and would like it if you did the same. 

We did a dive here in the bay and then took the dingy over to the resort to check it out. It's a nice place for sure, and we met Christine (the owner's daughter) who gave us the low down on the place. Seems her family has owned the land around these parts since the 1800's (wonder who they stole it from?). We wanted to have dinner there for our university, so made reservations and found it would only cost us $95 apiece! Now that is Fiji money which is worth about half of a US dollar but it's still pretty pricey. But what the hell! It's a special time and God knows Suzi is worth it, not sure about me but I get to go along for the ride. The locals who we met in Navivi Bay will be performing their traditional Song and dance routine that night here at Matagi so it will be fun meeting up with them again. So that's the latest and greatest, Kris. Please tell Marc the place sucks, the drinks weak and cost a mint (which they are and do!!) and a two tank dive with equipment would've cost you an additional $350 apiece. We did a two tank dive at Dolphin Bay that cost us $210 apiece. Suzi took some photos of your room but you won't see them until we get somewhere that has internet. Maybe Fri. or Sat., depends on the weather as so much of our life does!!! Dinner is ready so I got to go. We will do the So. Pacific together sometime, Kris; we are even starting to talk about spending one more cruising season here in Fiji. The place is soooo cool and people sooo nice. Time will tell ??? See ya-  David 

The teal-turquoise clear water is astounding and the cliffs protect us from the ESE winds, which started last night. It rained bigtime last night and now it is again, and we are collecting that sweet water into our tanks. We are so glad we ventured around the corner and snorkeled yesterday afternoon, after visiting the resort, so we know, at least, how very beautiful this piece of paradise is, indeed. The coral gardens are extensive, with mostly hard corals of every possible hue, and lots of beautiful little fish observed us as we floated past their homes. We were so fortunate to have sunshine all afternoon, as the distant squalls began to surround us. The rain certainly changes the feel of it all, and we are lucky to have time to wait it out. 

It is ironic, that, we spent the weekend with the people who come to entertain the resort guests on Thursday nights. Back in Naivini Bay, Ela and Jone offered us fresh water from their spring, and then welcomed us to spend Sunday with them in the village, across the bay. We watched and helped them cook taro leaves stuffed with coconut cream and onions, coconut bread, wrapped in banana leaves, taro root, casava, and breadfruit, all cooked in the traditional lovo (outdoor oven made of rocks first heated by the fire), and I went to church with Ela. As the service proceeded, the women continuously passed the babies around, to keep them smiling and quiet, and I truly got the essence of the saying, "It takes a village". It was a very rewarding day, and as we left yesterday morning for Matagi Bay, we told them we would try to catch their dancing, drumming, and singing on Thursday night here at the resort. I think the weather will drive whatever we do, and I hope this passes along soon and that we will continue to feel secure here in this lovely bay.  Love, S

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