Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We have both been working our butts off getting ready to splash and, at last, this afternoon it is happening. YEAH! We had a very interesting time on Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday morning up in the hills of Nadi with Ami, the local who is working on a family resort boat here in the marina. Daniel, one of three guys on the s/v Slowly who are taking their new purchase back to Australia as soon as they can,  introduced us to Ami, and Daniel went with us. We met Ami's lovely family who are so very poor but so very generous and we definitely had a special Fijian experience. I will write more thoughts and send pics once we get in the water and settled. Roz and Russ on Worral Wind are leaving tomorrow for a Yasawa exploration, and we have been going over charts together, getting inspired to get back out on the open waters. Wish we were ready to go with them, but, oh, well!  David did manage to put in our old alternator, and it worked! YAHOO! He has been working like a dog and it seems like each time he finishes one thing, another problem pops up. It is frightening how easily cruising becomes fixing the boat in exotic places.

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