Monday, May 30, 2011

Hangin' with the Locals

The pictures are from our weekend experience with Ami and his family: Ami and Suzi, Ami's wife making coconut bread, the incredible breakfast served to us in the morning, the house and family photo with Daniel included, Ami's son, John, and Ami with his family resort boat. It is not about money; it is about spirit.

We stayed the night in Ami and Letica's bed (made with wood and a little bit of stuffing), woke up to a beautiful sunrise for a great meditation on the top of the hill, ate some wonderful warm fresh coconut bread and fruit, and then walked the dirt road to catch a ride to Nadi, the bus, and back to Sidewinder. Ami went back to Nadi with us to be sure we were able to catch a ride to Vuda Point. He smiled as we said, "Vinakavakalevu," gave hugs, and he walked away. Money means nothing to him; spirit is what connects him to his world, and he wants the world to not forget about the real reason we are gifted with life. Sharing and loving brings meaning to everything.  Bula, bula!

Sidewinder is in the water now and the refrigeration is going strong. We are working hard to leave this weekend and are getting very excited.  Love to all!


Daniel said...

Thanks for the great update. I can testify as to the full truth of the post because I was a witness. David and Suzie are a wonderful pair and they make a great team. Here's wishing you both fair winds to your next tropical destination. With any luck, the boat will stay repaired and you can have trouble-free cruising. Vinaka

Daniel Bucklin

remmar said...

COOl picx...wish u luck @ sea suzi nd david..may da good LORd b wit u both nd bless u nd grant all ur wishes out at sea nd everywhere u guys sail to..god bless nd stay blessed..