Friday, May 20, 2011

Jazzfest Photos & More

Finally, here are a few photos to go along with the recent narratives of life at Vuda Point Marina and our last weekend getaway to Port Denarau with Anne, a radiologist from Kofax, near Grass Valley. This week we had to postpone our Friday splash into the water and are now going in on Monday. On Wednesday afternoon, they pumped all the water out from under Sidewinder and we could actually see the mud underneath her and then it rained like crazy on Wednesday night and Thursday; in order for them to move her, her bottom needs to be visible so let's pray the weather dries out this weekend. The tradewinds are kicking in and it feels quite different today so we have our fingers crossed. 

David spent all day yesterday trouble-shooting the Windlass anchor system and successfully rebuilt the motor. Amazing!  I put the first coat of anti-fouling around the top 3 feet of the keel and rudder; two coats along the waterline is really all that we need for this seasonr. After putting on the second coat, finishing the buffing out of the waxed hull, testing out the engine, this afternoon our plan is to go into Nadi with Ami, a chief of a village resort in the Yasawas, who has invited us to his other home to have kava, dinner, and celebration; sounds like a festive Saturday evening. 

We continue to send our love and healing energy to Casey and Liz. They had a very successful fundraiser in Portand last weekend and we are all so glad there is such a strong support system of friends up there. Julie was there with them and raved about their network of special young people all doing something to help. Thank you for all your love as well. I am always reminded that life is precious, no matter what we are doing.  Suzi and David

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