Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking to Launch

The trade winds are now beginning to blow, and the air is getting more dry and a little cooler. New batteries arrive tomorrow; we finish polishing the hull in the morning and will try to put one coat of paint on part of the keel to protect the waterline for this next season.  Boats are heading out for the islands, and Sidewinder so wants to be back in the water. Hopefully it will happen on Friday.  

We did have a great time this last weekend at the Jazz/Blues Festival in Port Denarau near Nadi.; we took a boat from here, which was the first time out on the water for both of us since we brought Sidewinder into Vuda Point in November, and the views of the island brought back a strong desire to get back on our adventure. Once we arrived at the port, music filled the air, and we had a fun time going from one venue to another all afternoon and into the moonlit evening. It was a great break for us and now we are energetically back to work. Pictures will soon follow as soon as we have time to upload them. 

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