Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trip from Mamanucas through the Yasawas

Just for the record, here are some coordinates for the islands we just visited. We are leaving this morning to make our way south back to Lautoka and Vuda Point and the wind appears to be just right; it would be great fun to sail!  Love to all!  S

Navadra Anchorage in the Mamanucas:  S 17 degrees 27'   E 177 02
Manta-ray Resort in Mantaray Bay, Naviti Island   S17 10  E 177 11'
Blue Lagoon, Nanuya Resort  next island up    S16  56'   E 177 22
Sawa-i-Lau,  Yasawa Island   16 50' E177 28'
Nadala Bay     S 16 49'   E 177 27'


Shelly Sutherland said...

Hi Suzi and David! You're STILL living the dream! Wow, it's been so 2008 that I've been sitting in front of a computer while you're galavanting around the globe. Keep going!

love, shelly sutherland

David and Suzi said...

We are honored Shelly that you are still following us around. For right now we are planning to keep going.

Pierre said...

Hi Suzi and David, I saw you met Chris Connolly and his Mooneshine. He was supposed to leave Fiji Oct 3 with my best friend Cathy heading to Vanuatu (Port Vila). We have not heard from them since. Do you have any contact details for Mooneshine? Was the weather bad between Oct 4 and Oct 9? Thanks for your help.

David and Suzi said...

Pierre - We don't have any contact info. for Chris. Sorry !! The weather here on the west side of Fiji hasn't been that bad but there is a big difference between here and the open ocean on the way to Vanuatu. Please keep us informed as we are now concerned as well.