Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No, really: they're leave today (?)

Well..........after an entire day spent searching for why the engine would not fire up, we are finally ready to make our way out the passage, one more time early tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, we are watching early fireworks lighting up the skies in celebration of the Hindu New Year, Diwali.  It is a good fortune holiday tomorrow  and I know we will be blessed as we really do leave. 

After checking out yesterday afternoon, we were supposed to be long gone, but it was so late by then, we stayed the night here, hoping to sneak out this morning. Lo and behold........there was no sneaking possible.  Captain David never ceases to amaze me; we actually put in a new starter and cellenoid, which did not solve the problem, and finally we tackled the electrical system. It was not til 5:00 PM, with the soldering of the major starter wire, which looked perfectly fine, that she fired up, lifting our hearts and spirits high. PHEW! This cruising shit certainly tries your patience. Yeah! Once again, off we go!  Love, S

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