Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day One of the Crossing

We are on our way with 20+ knots out of the So. East and we are heading almost due South. The seas are about 6 ft. +/- but very confused so the ride is bumpy as hell and water is spraying into the cockpit on a fairly regular basis. NOT FUN !!!! But we are making good time averaging over 6 knts. and the prediction is for things to remain the same for the most part. Our present location is 19 degrees 51 mins. So.  176 degrees 22 mins. E  Sun just came up which always raises the spirits a bit but it's still one down and at this rate 6 to go. That 747 is looking real good right now. Oh well, a little late to be thinking on those lines. Better get this out before the SSB radio net comes on. Will stay in touch - David & Suzi

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