Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 4: Not an Improvement

The winds are up into the mid-30's with 6-10 ft. seas at least. Oh did I mention it was raining?!!! Not a good time being had by all, but as some of the other boats we are in contact with have said, "It could be worse." Suzi has a nice scrape down her shin after flying across the galley and landing in a heap in the head. This morning I went flying into the head door which is now broke off its hinges. We have found leaks we have never seen before, and being wet has become the norm. Besides all that we are fine and are located at 26°  42 South  173° 39 East and if you could please beam us up to your place we would go in a heart beat. Heard this morning that more weather is on the way. Keep us in your prayers!!!  Please don't worry about us; we are fine, just a bit uncomfortable. See ya,  David 


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Jen & Jim Kate & Sage here...We met you last Easter up to Whatuwhiwhi top ten campground and then fish & chips shop..very crowded. Just out of the blue happened to have a look at your blog today and surprised to see you better than half way to Opua. Sounds like you are having a very memorable crossing. Safe Travels and should you find yourselves in Whangarei we are up in Maungatapere just 15 minutes from the town basin where the ragbaggers hang out. Jim builds boats down to Circa and we'd love to have a coffee with you at one of the basin cafes once you've settled in and gotten your land leggs back.
Kind Regards Jen,