Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Port Vila, Efate, and Onward To Explore More of Vanuatu

 The volcano energy was quite incredible to be near. What a thrill to hear it roar with life!
Finally we have been able to connect with a strong enough signal to at least say hi to all and update you with our next plan! Thank you to Casey, who has been able to post a few blogs to at least let you know we did, indeed, check into Vanuatu by way of Anatom and we did have a fantastic time standing next to the rim of the volcano on Tanna, as it was groaning, grumbling,  spewing, and explodying. We have been in Port Vila, the capital "city" of Vanuatu, on the island of Efate, for over a week and are close to being able to move on up the chain of islands. We were able to re-connect with great friends from the past, Nick and Kathy on Impala and Linda and Jim on Chesapeake; it was fun finding different restaurants to try and visiting with all of them before they continued on to New Caledonia and Australia. We are now hoping to buddy boat with Evan and Donna on s/v Java, whom we met a while back in Fiji, and make our way up the chain looking for new cultural adventures and surf. We are all still possibly heading for Pohnpei, Micronesia for the typhoon season, but that seems a long way into the future and "ya never know!"  It has been a major challenge to get set up with internet and we do hope that Digicel will be okay for us, but right now, the connection is sporadic with them so we are using left over wi-fi time given to us by our cruising buddies who left a few days ago. We shall see.......  I will try my best to include here some of the pictures from Tanna, so you can all see that we are really finding wonderful people and interesting things to do out so far away. Continue to enjoy life
 Across from where we anchored in Rort Resolution, Tanna, the hot mountain was full of hot springs.
The energy of Tanna's volcanic god was incredible to be near. WOW !!

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