Monday, September 23, 2013

baby dugong

The calm finally came to us around 3PM and the glassy pink water, reflecting the clearing clouds was spectacular. It was a very intense morning as the wind picked up, sometimes to 40kts, and we turned on the engine and drove forward, just enough to help release the tension on the anchor by keeping us pointed into the wind as it accelerated. Unfortunately, this anchorage did not give us the complete protection from the wind as we had hoped, but at least the reef outside helped keep the swells down. We were so thankful to not be out in the ocean dealing with this gale force wind!!! Amazing how tense it makes you feel inside and out, and I continued silently to breathe deeply and ask the wind to finish and quiet down......of course, I am sure when it began to diminish, it was just because of my plea! :)) Ah.....such power! Seriously, thank you, Wind, for moving on! We did fill our tanks with water and I know the villagers were so very grateful. Tomorrow morning we are going with a local from this island over to the village to find their resident baby dugong; sometimes they do come into this bay, but so far, we have not seen them.  Later tomorrow we will move to another island with good protection, where there are supposed to be more dugongs and some hiking. It will be nice to have some good weather so we can enjoy this area. Hope all is well with everyone. S&D

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