Saturday, September 21, 2013


We are now at the north end of Epi in a great little bay with a village large enough to even have not one but two little stores. Calling these stores is maybe pushing it a bit but they do sell things and they sure are stores to the locals. They even have fresh baked bread and peanut butter and to top it off they have "COLD" beer !!! You heard right cold beer and they opened it for us as well so we could stand right there and drink it. Try doing that in the states !!!!  Anyway, as Suzi said in yesterdays post we had a killer sail up from Efate. One of those sails where the wind was at about 120 degrees off the course at about 15-20 knts. and we made it to our new anchorage on one rump line reach !!! From anchor to anchor on one reach is something you don't do very often, we always have to jibe here or tack there or something but to run the rump line from point to point just doesn't happen. It did yesterday and I even hooked a marlin or sailfish or something so big it gave me a stiffy but after almost spooling me ( taking all my line ) the line snapped right at the leader and I lost him. Oh well, too big to land so just as well, but why did he have to go and take my favorite squid jig ?? Hope it gives him a tooth ache before it rusts out and drops free. But all in all it was a killer day and we averaged over 7 knts. which for us is speeding down the line.
Tomorrow we head for the south end of Malakuta where there are a few really protected anchorages and we will need one as there is some weather on the way, that's what the weather forecasters say and I jump when I hear talk like that. So we are "jumping" for a protected little bay with a shallow bottom and good holding. We will try to let you know how the trip went but you know how that goes, can't always depend on these sailmails going out. Steve I don't know if you read the blog or not and knew you would like hearing about a great sail day, as you know, they just come around that often, when it does happen you really enjoy it.

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