Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Regatta Fun

 Race day started with breakfast on Jemellie with Steve and Lindsay and what a glorious day it was with perfect wind and nothing but sunshine.
After the start which Geoff, the owner and skipper or Flashback, hit perfectly we were in the middle of the pack with the bigger faster boats ahead and the boats of our size well behind.

The racing was fast and intense and we had front row seats.

After rounding the island the shoots were popped and we were headed for home.

The crew of Flashback at the end of the race and just before the beers started opening.

The Hobie races began with a grand prix type start.

The day of the finals the wind picked up which made for a lot of excitement


With another perfect weather day the beach was lined with cruisers yelling and hooting support.

The father and son team off Ivory Quays won it all, Good job Bill !!!!
Pete and Diana off s/v Quickstar displaying their winning trophies for their victory in the Merling races. Great job you two, we were cheering for you.

The final evening was special with a great sunset, fantastic food and lots of wine to wash it all down. We all danced till our feet hurt and then limped back to our dingies and a star lit ride back to our boats. I can't believe the week is already over, it was a ton of fun and if there is anyway we can do it again we will be here again next year. 

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Anonymous said...

What a blast you guys must have had. To much fun, (if that is possible).

Steve and Jane,