Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Suzi Reflects

As I paddle out to meet these waves in the crystal clear warm water on such a stellar bright beautiful sunny day, watching the colorful coral and fish below, I am in awe. Visually this place is exquisite, and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by it. How could I ever get frustrated and discouraged? The friends we make continually add to the energy, and it is so easy to smile and enjoy it all. Josh and Vince are two young surfers who have shown us the surf spots, and they are very cool dads with vivacious friendly wives, out here livin' the dream at an early age. 

We have also had a great time re-connecting with friends on Leu Cat, Dave and Mary, as well as Kim, Emily, and Tom on the stinkpot from Connecticut, Emily Grace. When we said good-bye at Vuda Point, we had another wonderful evening with Ami, Remman, and Letia; we took them to First Landing for a farewell dinner and entertainment and Ami's traditional island roots beckoned to him to sing and dance. We sang with Kimi, Seta, and Sabe and ended the evening with a spiritual kava ceremony on Ami's Naviti resort boat.  

The next morning we left the many friendly people at Vuda Point, and I felt sad for a while. Saying good-bye wakes me to the reality of how very many special people we are so blessed to meet, and it is one of the many joys of cruising. It is so great when you get to see them again, and it certainly makes me reflect on all the great friends I have at home. I smile and feel gratitude in my heart. 

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