Thursday, June 9, 2011

Musket Cove

Hi there. Just a quick blog update for all and lots of love to you. Earlier today I took David inside to where all the facilities are, including a resort with a small golf course, and he has been having fun with Dave from sv/ Lei Cat playing a round or two. Meanwhile, I have downloaded a chart program we had on the other computer and was coached by Tom on sv/ Emiy Grace for a few hours. He gave me waypoints for our journey up to Savusavu and some diving/snorkeling spots to explore on the way there and from there to Matangi Bay. They are the ones who stayed there for several days, promising the staff they would not leave the boat if they saw guests at the beach :) It will be fun and a great adventure for us to be there with [Marc and Kris], with permission from the staff, I hope!  I need more practice, and I vow to figure this all out in the next few days. 

David took the Yamaha 15HP into the shop yesterday, and it works like a champ now; he had done everything right but just missed cleaning one jet that was hard to find, but was clogged. Yeah! He also used a hooka and patched Sidewinder's skinned nose, and we hope we are good to go. We may start the dive lessons tomorrow. Lots still to do before we journey up to the Yasawas and over to Savusavu region, including going back to Lautoka to temporarily check out. I will keep you posted. The weather is changing a bit with a few clouds and waves in the Tavarua area; we at least have to check them out!   It certainly is good to be back on the water one more time! Love,  Suzi

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Richard said...

Did you see the big race boats come into Musket Cove from Aukland. Should have been a sight.