Monday, June 13, 2011

Surfing Paradise

Howdy Everyone - To all my surf Buds, I thought you'd like to know that we are anchored in a place called Musket Cove which is about a 20 min. dingy ride from the famous surf island of Tavarua. Also in the same area is another motu (small island) that has waves on both sides of it and is much more user friendly for less skilled water men like myself. It's still not for the weak of heart but nothing like Tavarua. The water is deeper at the impact zone and I haven't hit bottom yet (knock on wood). There is a right hander on the south side of the island called Swimming Pools and on the southwest side there is a left hander that holds up real nice and gives off 200-300 yard rides depending on the swell size and your wave selection. We have been hanging out at the left hander, tieing our dingy up to one of the anchor moorings that have been placed in the pass and then paddling into the break. It's a reef break with fairly deep water just off the break, so getting out of harm's way if a large set comes through is no problem, but you have to be careful not to get too far into the channel, as that's where the water is moving fastest, and depending on the tides and the wind, it can move at 6 knts., which isn't fun to paddle against.

We have gone out there a couple of times now so have the drill down and even Suzi has been catching some great rides on her bodyboard, popping over the back of waves with an ear to ear grin on her face. Yesterday we surfed it with the four of us who dingied out there (two other cruiser guys with us in their boat) and one local kid who was friendly as hell. With the water warm and clear as gin, the wind gentle and not a factor, it just doesn't get any better. We plan on heading out there again this morning so I better end this. This note isn't meant to make anyone jealous or green with envy; all of you are active enough to have your own good times, but I knew each and every one of you would enjoy hearing about what's gong on around Sidewinder. We haven't done this as much as I had envisioned while dreaming of our cruise, so when these special times happen I have to pass it on to my Buds. . . .  Take care folks and I'll see ya, David 


Virginia Cross said...

Don't have a clue how to surf. And don't really care. But I love to hear you enjoying it and I ache to be there to have a jar afterwards while you tell the (very long) story.

Daniel said...

It's great to hear that you guys are living the dream instead of fixing the boat. It's cold and wet in Sydney but the food is fantastic! Stay away from those scary looking jellyfish and have a Fiji Bitter for me.