Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They Made it!!!

We made it!  Our first two days were wonderful light wind sailing days, skimming over intense azure seas with the full moon coming on. Unfortunately our wind died and we had to motor the last two days. In spite of Perkins' continual groaning (bless his soul), we glided across the silver blue ocean as it got more and more glassy and last night's full moon helped ghost us along the shores of Isla San Cristobal, our first stop in the Galapagos. WE MADE IT !!!! A glorious sunrise welcomed us as we drifted outside of the town and soon we made our way into the harbor with A Cappella.

The water is unbelievably clear and deep blue and our first dive on our new adventure was incredibly refreshing. YAHOO!!! We get to jump from Sidewinder into pristine water anytime!  Bolivar, our agent, came out to greet us and soon came back with the officials who checked us in. Right now, we are waiting for him to help us out with immigration problems which I will explain when I know more. Kelita and Robert, whom we met last year in Bahia del Sol, El Salvador, found us at the internet cafe and we look forward to surfing with them and having some fun. Savannah is on her way from Panama, so it looks like we will even have more palymates when they arrive. Lots to see and do on this isla and we are basking in the idea of finally having time to frolic. We are already enjoying it all. - Suzi                                       

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lynn said...

im diving with you suz