Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sail Mail: Day 2

We are in the second full day of sailing to the Galapagos and are decompressing after months of nonstop working on problems. PHEW!!!! We left Puerto Lucia Yacht Club around 5:30 p.m. Thursday and motored away into the surreal sunset. The last two days in the marina were insane, solving thru hull problems (David dove in icky oily water many times), reprovisioning with last minute items and meat to be frozen, going up the mast to install the new windex, washing the boat down, testing the new dinghy engine, and running out of time to say good-bye to wonderful people who took great care of us. I gave Squeak (the cat) a squeeze farewell but I regret not having a chance to appropriately give Alex a good-bye hug and thank you; it was time to leave, it was his day off (although he came by the last morning to see what he could do to help us), and he was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, Marisol made her way down to the dock and we shared hugs and tears. David and I will miss the warmth of the wonderful people who served us well and our friends who made our stay in Ecuador special. We fueled, waved adios to all the workers who helped us on Sidewinder, and off we went. We are sailing with gentle winds (we could use a bit more but not too much!), and it is very peaceful. We should be in the Galapagos in two days. We send our love to all and will write when we get to our first isla, San Cristobal.
Love, David and Suzi

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