Monday, March 22, 2010


What an intense day! Getting ready for the splash increases the intensity of the anticipation. Will she float? Will the engine be fine? Will the prop work and allow us to back out of the travel lift? Will the refrigeration start working again? What will the docking be like with such a strong surge?

Well, yes, we were able to get her out of the sling and take her on a test run with the new prop. You can feel the strenghth of the new prop with a little more vibration at the helm, but it does go faster and there seems to be more control at the helm when in reverse, although we were a bit disappointed with the prop wash to the port side, like our other prop.

The surge inside the marina is crazy and we are rocking and rolling, tied up to all kinds of cleats and bouys, with the hope that the lines last for the next three days while we get the refrigeration system going. Right now both of us are a bit depressed because our refrigeration system will not allow enough raw water into the thru hull to make her work. YIKES ! Can't we just have it easy one day?! Still hoping to get out of here Thursday. Love to all, Suzi and David

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