Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yasawa Adventures With Friends

 Sidewinder is so happy to be cruising again, especially when she finds such magical places!
 David and Riki disappeared one afternoon and came back with the first catch of the season. YUM!
 Snorkeling along this reef was splendid with so many species of coral and colorful fish.
                    Riki's camera was able to help capture the fun we had for two days.
                      Capt Dave feels right at home at last!
     Sidewinder was leading the way through the reefs as Guava followed close behing
      Nalauwaki Bay is a hidden paradise at the north end of Waya. How beautiful is this?!!!
 Our hike with Tiko up to the top of the spire was so invigorating.....for Suzi. David is wondering......
        What an amazing view and such a fabulous time spent with good friends!
 Glenda, from s/v Helena, Tiko, our fearless guide, and dear friends Peter and Diana from Quickstar
        What an amazing spot for relaxation and reflection
        So good to share these moments with Peter and Riki
           Hard to believe the wind was howling outside. What a great retreat!
 Villagers here are quite wealthy and the pigs seem happy as long is a feast time is not near.
 Marianne showed us how to jump in the pools and shower up. What a treat to have fresh water close by.

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Anonymous said...

Hi David and Suzi,
Glad to see you're still enjoying the good life. Drought in New Mexico and Colorado is taking its toll but took a sojourn to Maui and Oahu in May. First time in the islands since 1987! Forgot how much I loved the surfing life. Thanks for sharing the great photos.
Happy times to the both of you,